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With the super easy to use Job Listing feature, jobs can be listed in seconds. Once the listing is reviewed and approved, the Job will be published on the Job Page for all the members to see. They can apply directly off the Job Listing Post Page.

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We promote collaboration, bridging all corners of the Creative Arts and Entertainment Industries in Australia.


We promote artists, jobs, events and business with our online platforms, publications, website and The Cast 2 Crew Magazine.


Users can apply for Jobs directly off a Job post. Place a job using our user friendly Job Listing form and get direct applications by email from the artists.


Creating work opportunties, experiences and member competitions. Cast 2 Crew members display a stunning professional profile.


The Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts industry continuously produces phenomenal talent & skilled individuals. They’re an inspiration and a constant reminder of what ambition, dedication and persistence can achieve.

Artists can be found in the Entertainment Industry, Music, Film, Fashion, Marketing, Game Dev & Design just to name a few. We are an organisation driven by ambitious professionals and creative hobbyists.

Specialising in digital arts and media we have created a Professional Australian Directory for creative artists a like. The Cast 2 Crew platform is all about bridging creative industries and encouraging collaboration between them. Industries such as Film and Television, Music, Games and Performance.  Members can network, post, share and collaborate with one another.

The Directory is a user-friendly searchable database. Listed artists residing in Australia, displaying a stunning profile with a professional online presence.